An introduction to using fungi to tackle pollutants with Amanda Morglund from Fungi Solutions. 


Amanda Morgan is the Director of Fungi Solutions, where collaboration with Fungi is used to recycle waste sources into new materials. Fungi Solutions is Australia’s first Mycocycling service, transforming industry waste and environmental pollutants into packaging and structural materials. 


In this workshop, we will learn how to train fungi to grow on a specific pollutant and adapt the mycelium for a remediation site with consideration for cultivating in the Australian environment with the waste resources available. Participants will take home an agar plate culture of our fungi culture to try targeting their own strains at home.


Amanda Morgan leads the Research and Development of Fungi Cultures to tackle challenges of waste management and ecosystem rehabilitation through circular design practices. Amanda is passionate about fostering collaborative partnerships that create health and abundance, bringing natural and social systems into balance through regenerative natural materials.

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