Some more thoughts and observations on cacti


A lot has happened in the two decades since Trout’s cactus books went into print. Cactus lover Keeper Trout will discuss a few answers that have been learned for some rather old questions, explore some of the new questions that have been raised, and will attempt to debunk and hopefully deconstruct some popular and widely believed academic mythology. We will also talk about some exciting developments in the world of psychedelic cacti and plant conservation.


Keeper Trout is an author and archivist living in Northern California.  Trout has published 11 books and numerous articles; mostly on psychedelic plants and drugs. He has also been a presenter at numerous conferences and festivals.  Keeper Trout has been working to digitize Sasha Shulgin’s archives since late in 2015 and in that process has been collaborating with Transform Press and Erowid to bring this material to the public. Trout is also presently serving as Acting President of the Cactus Conservation Institute and is engaged with several writing and editing projects for that organization. His material can be found online at

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