Simon Green is a Huachumero and Curandero who has worked for the past two decades in service to a broad community, curing individuals and groups. He works in his daily practice with clients from around the world salving a wide range of ills, and has more specifically spent considerable time working in the amelioration of the deleterious impacts of drug addiction in the Peruvian Amazon.

Simon was a member of the original steering/advisory committee of and remains a Research Associate with the Ayahuasca Treatment Outcome Project and currently sits on the International Advisory Committee for From Research to Reality (R2R): Global Summit on Psychedelic Assisted Therapies and Medicine. He has presented at a range of events including Beyond Psychedelics, Prague 2016 and Psicohabana, La Habana 2018. He collaborated with ANTAC to facilitate Anangu Ngangkari representation at the 2015 Encuentro Intercontinental de Lideres Indigenous Sobre Adiccion y Cultura, Tarapoto, Peru. Simon has also produced a number of features for ABC Radio National on the subject of curing including “Icaros; Magical Songs from Peru”, "This Song is from Ever Since: Songs for Wagilak Country” and “The Doctor Man’s Lair”.

Simon is a fourth-generation Riverine Farmer and has spent a great deal of time herding sheep on the hot, dry and dusty Australian plains. He currently prefers a more tropical climate and keeps way too many bees in his backyard.

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