This presentation will focus on psilocybin, its therapeutic uses and outcomes in various settings for people with a variety of mental health related challenges.  How essential is the psychotherapy for the process of change, and what sets it aside from other approaches?  The presentation will also cover the key elements in training therapists for this work and why they are important.


Renee Harvey


Renee is a Clinical Psychologist who has recently relocated to Australia after a long career in the UK as a Consultant in the NHS and more recently as an Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London in the study of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression.  She was responsible for leading in service development for people with complex emotional needs in the UK and specialised in training clinicians for this work.   Renee was a key member of developing psychedelic interest groups and in establishing and running a psychedelic Integration Circle in Brighton prior to leaving the UK. She is currently based in Melbourne, working in private practice and part of the developing Australian community in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy research and clinical service.

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