Nick Wallis is a broadcaster and drug law reform advocate and harm reduction worker.

Nick has a background in radio and podcast production, first working professionally on drug policy issues with the Eros Association and now Harm Reduction Victoria’s DanceWize program.

Over the past decade, Nick co-founded of the Australian Psychedelic Society, produced Enpsychedelia, a weekly radio show on Melbourne’s 3CR for five years and worked to help produce and emcee drug policy panels at events like Rainbow Serpent Festival, MardiGrass and EGA.

Nick now volunteers and works to produce video content and other media for the Australian Psychedelic Society, AOD Media Watch, the Yarra Drug & Health Forum, EGA, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and more.

Nick is a father of two young children and loving partner to Kula.

Nick also likes pigeons.

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