Nick Sun was an award-winning, international stand up comedian for 13 years. Then he drank Ayahuasca and had a malefic entity exorcism that ended a 12 year bout of depression. Following this, he met Gaia, who informed him that the shit was going down and that she needed help. The Ayahuasca spirit then activated his deceased herbalist healer grandfather’s DNA within him and his life took a turn for the weird. He’s been living in a fantasy novel of his own making ever since.


Nick has since spent the last 6 years walking the plant path and relaying his experiences of his self-apprenticeship as a plant medicine facilitator in the DIY underground psychedelic healing scene on his popular, irreverent underground blog ( ) that he is currently compiling into his debut coming-of-age book, "No Mo Trippin".
He lives and works somewhere on Southern Gondwanaland.


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