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Frequently Asked Questions

EGA’s Garden States 2022 FAQ

Q: When will the livestream link/details be available? 

After purchasing a ticket from Trybooking, you will receive an email from the BetterCast platform.
Click the link in the email to create your password and access the event.



Q: How do get I get on to the webcast?

A: After buying a ticket from Trybooking, you will get an email from BetterCast. Click the URL in the email, and Create a password.
All webcast/BetterCast access emails have been sent out from 29.011.2022; any new tickets purchased from that date will issue this email access email once a ticket is purchased from that date on. 


Q: Where is Garden States 2022 being held?

A: Springvale City Hall, 397 - 405 Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171

Q: How do I get from Melbourne CBD to Springvale Town Hall via Public Transport

A: We have made a PDF to assist with your journey – Click Here to Access

Q: How do I buy a ticket?

A: You can buy tickets here: Garden States 2022 tickets

Q: Is there a Facebook event page for Garden States 2022?

A: You can find the Facebook event here: Garden States 2022 Facebook event page

Q: Where can I access the conference timetable?

A: You can access the conference timetable here; Garden States 2022 timetable

Q: How can we ask questions at the conference?

A: We will be using an app called SLIDO this year to allow both online and in-person attendees to ask questions at the conference.

To access Slido for EGA Q&A

Visit Slido.com and join our session at ID #6495524

Or click this link:


Q: Is the conference on Friday the 2nd of December, as well as Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th?

A: Garden States 2022 is a hybrid event. Garden States is live-streamed all weekend, beginning on Friday, as well as in-person in Springvale, Victoria, on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: Is there baby changing stations in the hall

A: Yes, two in the female's toilets, but the Springvale library, 40 meters walk from the hall, is set up much better as a community venue and is a better place to go if you have the time. 

Q: I can’t find my ticket(s) to Garden States 2022. Can tickets be reissued?

A: Certainly! First, try using the widget. Simply enter the email address used when booking your ticket(s) and click ‘resend tickets'. If you do not receive your ticket(s) in your inbox or junk folder, please contact tickets@entheogenesis.org for further assistance locating your booking.

Q: I have purchased an in-person ticket to Garden States 2022. However, I can no longer attend in person. Do you allow refunds or name changes? What are my options?

A: As per our terms and conditions, we currently have a general 'no refunds' policy unless the event is postponed or cancelled. Refunds are only considered for extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Our recommended option is to exchange your in-person ticket for an online/streaming ticket with a partial refund as per the T&C - '28. In-person tickets can be exchanged for a streaming ticket on request, and the difference will be refunded'.

A streaming ticket provides you not only access to the Livestream content for the 3 days but access to all the recorded content for four months to absorb at your convenience and a copy of the EGA Journal. Full information about the inclusions of the online/streaming ticket can be found here: https://gardenstates.org/australian-streaming-ticketstreaming-ticket/

Alternatively, you can give your ticket to a friend (name change) and contact us from the email address associated with the booking to change the name on your ticket to another person's name. This process may take around 24 hours as we are a volunteer team.  

Please contact tickets@entheogenesis.org as soon as possible (up to 30 hours before the event) if you would like to exchange your in-person ticket for a streaming ticket, request a name change, or apply for a refund under extenuating circumstances.

Q: Is there water on site?

A: We encourage you to bring your own recyclable water bottles. We will have an onsite water station, maybe two. There are also several water fountains in the park around 50-100 meters away.

Q: I’m looking for a ride to the venue / need somewhere to stay nearby / want to know who else is going, can you help?

A: We have an EGA Communications Hub event page on Facebook where people can connect, ask questions, and offer each other help.

Q: How do I get to the conference via public transport?

A: The venue is about 800m from Springvale train station, which is on the Pakenham train line. If you’re coming from Flinders Street station in the CBD, the trip is about 35 minutes.

Q: Where can I find more info about streaming vs. in-person tickets?

A: On the conference website, look under the 6th tab at the top labelled 'TICKETS'. In the drop-down menu, we cover the different ticket types and what you get with each one.

Q: Where can I park my car?

A: You can access the free car park via Grace Park Avenue or Hillcrest Grove, off Springvale Road. The main car park at the back of the hall has free parking all day. If you use the parking at the library just next to the hall, it is one-hour parking only. Most side streets have all-day parking but be sure to check.

Q: Do you have any accommodation suggestions? Where should I stay?

A: Check out the Garden States 2022 accommodation info here: https://gardenstates.org/accommodation/

Q: Where do I go with a first aid issue?

Head to the information table, and we take it from there.

Q: Where are the toilets?

A: Check our website page and the venue map, which shows related facilities here..

Q: Is there food and drinks on site?

A: We have a couple of food stalls on-site, but we are also only a short walk from Springvale Woolworths and many other shops. You’re more than welcome to bring your own food and drink to eat. Springvale is a very multicultural area with many food options a short walk away.

Q: EFTPOS, cash, and ATMs

A: We recommend you bring cash for the market stalls and food stalls, as there is no ATM on site and few stall holders will have EFTPOS. However, the nearest ATM (357 Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171) is 5 minutes walking distance.

Q: Where is the nearest supermarket?

Springvale Woolworths is a 5-minute walk from the conference venue, located at 302 Springvale Road Springvale.

Q: Where do I find a map of the venue and learn about the conference site layout?

A: On the venue page of our website; https://gardenstates.org/venue/

Q: Is there a party or afterparty?

A: Yes, there is an afterparty on Sunday night in Belgrave. For more information and tickets, head to this webpage: https://www.trybooking.com/CDBUC

It would be best to try and get a lift, but if you need to take public transport, Click Here for more information on making that trip.

Q: Who is behind Garden States 2022? Is EGA run by volunteers?

A: The Entheogenesis Australis team is a collective of people from many different backgrounds that are connected by their love of plants and the natural environment. EGA contributors volunteer their time to produce our conferences and associated projects. Entheogenesis Australis is completely funded by the people and plant power of our community and currently receives no funding from the government or the public sector.

Q: How can we help EGA grow?

A: Support our raffle and other fundraising efforts or offer to volunteer and join our team!

Q: Is it true that all ticketholders get a copy of the conference journal?

A: Yes, but depending on your ticket type, your copy may be digital or physical. In-person attendees and most holders of Online Australian tickets will receive a printed journal, while Online International attendees and some Online Australian attendees with digital-only promotional tickets will receive a digital copy.


We want our diverse community to be comfortable, inclusive, respectful, and safe. With that in mind, it’s important we’re all responsible. We encourage everyone to bring their own masks and other personal protective equipment to the event. In addition, EGA will provide free masks, hand sanitiser, and rapid antigen tests (RATs) for use during the conference. Please feel welcome to ask the conference front of house or info desk if you require any of these items. While government guidelines have relaxed, we strongly request that if you feel unwell before attending the event, to get tested, and if you test positive, to please stay at home.

For this year’s Garden States, EGA has worked hard to provide a live streamed version of the conference for those in Australia and around the world that are unable to attend in person. Up to 48 hours prior to the event, you can request your in-person ticket to be exchanged for an online streaming ticket. Simply contact tickets@entheogenesis.org

We’ll be cleaning the venue during the conference, with additional cleaning at the end of each day. We have an outdoor lawn space that we encourage everyone to use for gathering, chatting, and taking breaks throughout the day. Our hope is that by fostering a culture of kindness, consideration, generosity, and care, we can all enjoy a harmonious, enlightening and incredible plant weekend 😊✌️🌱