Entheogens and psychedelic journeys can facilitate communication and relationships with plants and provide ecological and medicinal insight. In fact, they have done just this for healers throughout plant people throughout the ages.

How can we draw upon the expanded awareness of altered states to cultivate better relationships with the plant world? How do we use our physical and imaginal senses to make friends with plants? This workshop explores these questions and provides practical, embodied ways to connect with the plant world.


Stephanie is a practicing herbalist in Melbourne who has been working with herbal medicine and traditional healing systems for 15 years. Her approach is informed by holistic principles of traditional western herbalism and Chinese herbalism, sacred plant medicine, and the anthropology of healing. Stephanie is passionate about our existing intuitive wisdom and ancient connection to plants. She supports people to deepen their relationship to their own bodies and the greater living world through herbal medicine, ritual, and deep ecology.

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