What does nitrous oxide, delivered in an Endodontist’s chair in Chatswood, have to do with the interdependent co-arising of form, perception, and reality? The great web of causality - Indra’s Net - presents us with the consequences of our actions and the actions of those who preceded us - giving us the unasked-for and unwanted gift of karma, the whetstone against which our hearts and our actions might be sharpened. An hour in the chair, drilling down, casts a new light on everything we do, why we do it, what it does to us, what it means to let it go, and what means we have to find release.


Mark Pesce co-invented the technology for 3D on the Web - laying the foundations for the metaverse - has written eight books, including Augmented Reality: Unboxing Tech’s Next Big Thing, was for seven years a judge on the ABC's The New Inventors, founded postgraduate programs at USC and AFTRS, holds an honorary appointment at Sydney University, is a multiple-award-winning columnist for The Register, pens another column for COSMOS Weekly, and is a professional futurist and public speaker. Pesce hosts both the award-winning 'The Next Billion Seconds' and 'This Week in Startups Australia’ podcasts. Pesce brings his skills as a futurist to diverse sectors of the economy – including the futures of food, money and work - while also mentoring startups working at technology’s bleeding edge.

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