Discovering the ancient through native power plants

Belladonna, Henbane, and Datura are some of the European power plants holding the key to an altered mind perspective, as well as being important physically-active medicine. Since ancient times, these incredible plants have been famed for applications in witchcraft and medicine. The plants carry an unbroken lineage that we can tap into to learn their gifts and messages.

Through many years of clinical practice utilising these witching herbs as part of our work as herbalists, we are fascinated with the more subtle energies at work. We have walked with their mysteries and discovered how myth and history can give us clues as to the medicine contained within these plants. They aid in accessing subtle energy bodies as well as having physical effects.

We will take a walk through the mysterious past, and the exciting present and look for clues as to how we can harness the power of the witching herbs and flying ointments for deeper applications of the human condition. Come and join us on this walk.


The Seed SistAs, Kazz and Fiona, are writers, speakers, eco-activists and Sensory Herbalists who have dedicated their lives to furthering access to knowledge about the healing potential of the plant world. They both hold BSc's in plant medicine and are passionate about the evolution of plant connection through the use of the senses, observations and intuitive guidance. They campaign for freedom of information about herbal medicine through performance art and other creative means. Founders of an education community interest company, Sensory Solutions and an apprenticeship programme, they are actively servicing their communities with plant healing as Herbalists whilst teaching others how to do the same. They have a burgeoning online community to which you are all cordially invited,

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