Choosing which mescaline cacti to consume can be a tricky task, especially when consumption discussion may be considered inappropriate in public. While most of the entheogenic community have heard of Peyote and San Pedro, there is limited knowledge of different Lophophora or Trichocereus species, or of mescaline cacti from other genera. By understanding common mescaline cacti from the perspective of mescaline consumers, we can apply the lens of harm reduction to connect horticulture, botany, pharmacology, psychonautics, and citizen science.


Dr Liam Engel is a drug science researcher and communicator. Liam's passion is illicit drugs, particularly the areas of harm reduction, psychedelics, ecology, internet and reform. His unique perspective draws on skills in health and medicine, communications and social sciences, as well as botany and horticulture.


Liam is an adjunct research fellow at Edith Cowan University's School of Medical and Health Sciences, and research officer at RMIT University's Social and Global Studies Centre.

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