In this workshop I will show a short film about cannabis cultivation at our licensed and certified organic (BioGro) cannabis farm in Aotearoa. Followed by a deep discussion of cannabis agronomy, techniques, inputs, and crop management with a Q&A about cannabis, legal access to cannabis commodities, and the current status of licensing and cultivation laws.


A global leader in the cannabis industry, Tom is the first ever Churchill Fellow for Cannabis Agronomy and publisher of a White Paper for the Australian industry on cannabis botany, global industry, and cultivation.  As part of this fellowship in 2019, Tom spent time at 50 licensed commercial growing operations in 10 different countries.

Tom is currently the co-founder and Cultivation Director for Puro (Marlborough, NZ), co-founder and Managing Director of Indicated Technology (Melbourne, VIC), and Communications Manager for Stealth Garden Wholesale (Adelaide, SA).

Tom has instigated and pioneered multiple successful cannabis projects in Australia and New Zealand, including the university WHO partner site in 2016/2017, and worked with more than 50 groups throughout Australia and New Zealand, providing consulting and equipment procurement services.

Tom has significant experience in horticulture and protected cropping, with specialist training in hydroponics and plant botany.  Tom has intimate knowledge and understanding of pharmaceutical standards required of cannabis agronomy. This, combined with his business and marketing qualifications and expertise, has seen Tom become a sought-after lecturer, speaker, and advisor on sustainable and successful cannabis cultivation.

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