Entheogenesis - Planting seeds for earth, body, and mind

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For those interested in art and design, December’s Garden States conference includes a special focus on creatives exploring ethnobotanical and transcendent ideas through their work.

Art can alter consciousness too. As well as beautifully displayed works from Australian visionary artists such as IzWoz, Garden States 2022 will feature a variety of lectures, panels and unique content on the topic of intersecting art and altered states. There are amazing original artworks to be won in the EGA Raffle, too!


Join artist and filmmaker Lynette Wallworth’s talk ‘Transcendent Technology: Shamanism in the Digital Age’ as she discusses the creative journey she experienced while co-creating her ground-breaking Virtual Reality work Awavena with a Brazilian Amazonian tribe, and how it has shaped her understanding of the potential for new immersive technologies to be used in support of current clinical trials.



Spatial designer, researcher and educator Anna Conrick’s lecture ‘Bill Richard’s Living Room: How are we Designing Psychedelic Clinical Spaces?’ discusses the role of space and spatial design practice in the emerging field of psychedelic therapies. Considering comfort and safety within clinical environments, it asks whether the idea of the “living room” is the optimal spatial configuration to contain therapeutic psychedelic experiences or if we should be rethinking the way we situate these experiences. 



Artist Janet Laurence’s lecture ‘The Alchemical Life’ presents collected images and artworks incorporating a number of mediums that reference the lives and relationships of plants. This ‘alchemical life’ embodies the possibility of transformation and a fabricated realm that is based on research as well as imaginings, resulting in the creation of sensitive, immersive art that reflects the organic and transient, and is a testament to the idea that plants live, breathe and dream.


Step up to the mic to give a micro talk, performance, sermon, magic trick or anything else you can muster at the Sunday lunchtime ‘Psychedelic Soapbox’ – an anarchistic, multidimensional variety hour hosted by artist Ceri Hann and a cast of trillions (if we count microbes) or maybe just a single ventriloquist puppet. Ceri will be roving throughout the weekend seeking willing participants to enlist.


The discussion panel ‘Breathed into Being: Ecodelia in Contemporary Art’ brings together four artists – Andrew Goodman, Janet Laurence, Nick Dorey and Adele Wilkes – currently exploring ecology, alchemy, consciousness and ethnobotany though their creative practices and research. This panel, facilitated by art critic, writer, artist and lecturer Tessa Laird, considers the diverse approaches of artists attempting to communicate aspects of the ineffable, subtle, transcendent and esoteric by observing and learning from the more-than-human species on which our very existence depends.Finally, a number of Australian visionary and psychedelic artists will be featured in the EGA print journal and displayed as large fabric banners at the event (available to purchase). All sales support the artists and EGA. Artists include longtime EGA collaborators and kindred spirits, IzWoz, SpaceBeingz Continuum, BioFreQ, Bryan Itch and Stiff Ives.

Artist bios
Visual artist, sculptor, DJ, bushland regenerator. Original recycled repurposed and regenerated illuminated event installations. Plant friend and custodian of vintage Turbo Sound System.
Visual art and Earthwear created by two creative creatures doing their best to make Earth like home. They have been contributing art to EGA projects and events since 2004. Working with ink, paint, watercolour, print and digital media. When not creating art they are likely out on adventure exploring nature or working on other creative or community projects.
Bryan Itch
Bryan Itch is a visionary artist/muralist based in Melbourne. From early beginnings in the late nineties graffiti scene his work has naturally evolved to reflect & illustrate the ineffable spaces explored alongside our entheogenic teachers.
Stiff Ives
Stiff Ives is a Melbourne based artist who uses her art as a vehicle for communication, offering the viewer not only a visual expression of ideas, but a chance to connect deeper with the natural world. There are characters & themes that appear consistently in her work, Igniting an interest in people to reconnect with wild life both externally & internally.
SpaceBeingz Continuum
A collaborative art and tech project; dissolving the boundaries between creativity, technology and community. Exploring the mysterious in search of the beautiful weirdness.
Art | Animation | Audio | Code
We Are All SpaceBeingz!