Many of us have had intense psychedelic experiences that can be difficult to navigate. How can we support healing, embodiment and wellbeing for women and gender diverse folk in the psychedelic community? For people who enter the psychedelic landscape the space can often be dominated by male voices, leading to issues with safety and challenges for effective integration. In this trauma-informed workshop Meredith, Alana and Melissa will discuss the best ways to prepare for a psychedelic journey, what safety and accessibility looks like for women and gender diverse folk in psychedelic communities, and best practices for integration. We will explore the framework of the hero’s journey as a transformative container to support healing and wholeness.

This workshop is a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space to gain further insight into and tools to support your journey.

This workshop is open to women and individuals that identify as gender diverse.

Facilitated by Meredith Drinkell, Dr Lani Roy, and Melissa Warner

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