A Prescription of NeuroGnostics; Entheogenic Herbalism


We are going to explore psychotropic herbalism, organic biological organisms used as a medicine that have an affinity for the mind. In particular, herbs that have an affinity for the parts of the mind that govern our interpretation of information from the external world and in response, adapt our inner world. Medicines that regulate the ego open our sensory gating channels, widen, and refine our perception of the mind and the Mind at large. Entheogens are essentially a class of herbs that generate a direct experience of connectivity to the vital force of life. They work upon the body in a targeted way, and like any herbal action, they have specific indications. We’re going to explore where these herbs fit into the apothecary and how to prescribe an entheogen from a traditional herbal perspective.


"I have come to understand herbal medicine as a part of mankind's placement and movement across the land. Not just a remedy; a complex relationship that weaves us into the Earth's soil. That we are by extension an enfooted plant and an embodied microbe. Likewise a plant, an Earthed human."


Rachel Gagen is a Western Herbal Medicine therapist, facilitator of rites of passage, forager, medicine maker, traditional body worker and musician. Co-founder of Mulai Lagi Iboga, an addiction interruption and psychospiritual retreat service in Australasia utilising Eboka for initiation purposes, she works with matters of healing and sickness, utilising relationship and herbal medicine as a mechanism of reconnection with the Self.


She has been initiated into the Bwiti sect Mabanji, a living and growing feminine Gabonese tradition that utilises Iboga as a sacrament of transition and embodiment teacher. Her interest in ethnobotany has led her to pockets of Indigenous cultures across the globe to learn from their relationships with plants, including their use of specific styles of music for enhanced communication & integration whilst in shamanic spaces. She works from the Sunshine Coast, Australia, as a health practitioner, teacher and musician. She has studied Western Herbal Medicine & traditional body work, and runs the online plant medicine platform EntheoBotanica, as well as being the creator of the herbalist conference Rebel Herbal.

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