A New Trip: towards a path of representation, inclusion and safety in the psychedelic movement


Psychedelics have moved to the forefront of global mainstream consciousness and research continues to show their efficacy and promise in treating trauma, depression, anxiety and a variety of other conditions. However, despite this focus and excitement, psychedelic research – and the movement more broadly - has a long history of excluding marginalised communities, and dismissing instances of sexual abuse and coercion. Black and non-White communities have been historically over-policed and heavily incarcerated for possession or sales of some of these substances, and psychedelic therapy is likely to remain out of reach for these communities and those who experience socioeconomic disadvantage.

This presentation aims to unpack the issues of abuse, lack of safety and continued exclusion for marginalised communities within the psychedelic movement in Australia and more broadly, as well as highlighting the steps we all need to take to ensure equal representation, inclusion and cultural safety.


Meredith Drinkell (She/Her) is a musician, vocalist, music therapist, psychotherapist and facilitator currently residing on Wurundjeri Land. She has experience working in early childhood, community, mental health, gender equity, and the disability sector. Meredith works with a holistic approach to address the needs of her clients and special interests include LGBTQI+ issues, relationships, psychedelic integration, spirituality and transpersonal work.


She received her Master of Music Therapy & Graduate Diploma in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) from University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Music from University of Adelaide. She has presented her work at conferences both local and international, including the Parenting Engagement Conference (2017), EGA Outdoor Symposium (2017), EGA Garden States (2019) and the American Music and Imagery Conference (2019).


Meredith is also current President of the Australian Psychedelic Society and is passionate about supporting a culture of safety, inclusion and accessibility within the psychedelic movement.


Meredith has experience working with people of all ages and is available for individual consultation and workshops. For more info, contact Meredith at www.innersoundtherapy.me

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