Entheogenesis - Planting seeds for earth, body, and mind

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Entheogenesis - Planting seeds for earth, body, and mind

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Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plant Knowledge
a small selection of

Garden States 2021 Speakers

a small selection of

Garden States 2021 Presentations

The problems of the throwing out of babies with bath waters: Whose paradigms are we really shifting?
– Simon Green

For at least 25 years, I have worked in the Healing Arts, and for 20 deeply engaged with the “entheogenic” plant centred systems of Curanderismo of Latin America. I’ve also engaged with, befriended, and worked alongside healers from the world’s oldest continuous cultures here on my home continent. In the course of that career, I’ve ...

Between Sex and Death – A Journey in the Mycosphere
– Dr Alison Pouliot

The scent of the prized Périgord truffle is somewhere 'between sex and death', according to one Australian forager. This fungus vies with Iranian caviar as one of the most expensive foods in the world. Australia’s costly culinary predilections have driven a significant European truffle-growing industry since the 1990s. Throughout history, fungi have confounded with their ...

Transcendent Technologies: Shamanism in the digital age
– Lynette Wallworth

Wallworth will discuss the creative journey she experienced while co-creating her ground-breaking Virtual Reality work Awavena with a Brazilian Amazonian tribe and how it has shaped her understanding of the potential for new immersive technologies to be used in support of current clinical trials. Wallworth was invited by the Amazonian Yawanawa to create this stunning ...

DMT: Indigenous gateway to the soul and endogenous reality thermostat?
– David Luke

N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), dubbed the ‘spirit molecule,’ is an extremely potent short acting psychedelic substance found endogenously in the human organism and occurring widely (possibly ubiquitously in many kingdoms) in nature, and has been theorised to account for numerous spontaneous exceptional experiences such as those occurring near or at death. The traditional indigenous use of DMT ...



Entheogenesis Australis is a charitable, educational organisation established in 2004; we provide opportunities for critical thinking and knowledge sharing on ethnobotanical plants, fungi, nature and sustainability. 

Through our conferences and workshops, we aim to celebrate the culture, art, politics and community around medicine plants in the hope to better wellbeing for humankind and the planet. 


Mission Statement - Planting seeds for earth, body, and mind. 

Statement of Purpose - Entheogenesis Australis exists to enhance the Australian natural environment by: 

E – Encouraging the propagation, cultivation, conservation, preservation and sharing of plants and fungi of ethnobotanical significance whilst nurturing botanical environments. 

G – Growing community and developing connections through conversation, events, media and the creative arts, acting as a multidisciplinary nexus for knowledge sharing within the field of Ethnobotany. 

A – Advancing botanical discussion through research, critical thinking, education, creativity, innovation, and awareness about plants, fungi and related compounds with potential beneficial applications for humankind and the natural environment. 

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