Entheogenesis - Planting seeds for earth, body, and mind

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Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) Garden States Raffle 2021


The Garden States webcast fundraiser is a not-for-profit initiative, designed by EGA to encourage community building around medicinal plants, research, and psychedelic culture.


Thank you everyone for your support! Winners of the Garden States 2021 Raffle are:

































We going to take a couple of days to pull ourselves together after a marathon run, as we need to head back to our 'real jobs.' 

Then we will take a look at where you're located geographically and best decide how to send on your special goods. 


We will be able to send you a list of your winnings but need a couple of days to sort the prices.


We are excited to once again be running the legendary EGA raffle alongside our Garden States 2021 conference. As always, raffle prizes include some truly amazing ethnobotanical and psychedelic rarities.


The EGA raffles are an important fundraiser which we run in parallel with major EGA events. All funds raised go towards supporting future EGA events and related projects, like the EGA Microdose live streams, YouTube Channel, journals and other EGA content, including our catalogue of lectures from past events. We at EGA are incredibly grateful for all support we receive through this raffle, and we would not be able to deliver all our special content without it.


EGA is a not-for-profit organisation that exists for the benefit of others, usually at personal expense to those behind it. The funds raised by the raffle really help relieve organisational pressures and makes EGA more sustainable as a whole.


You might be unable to attend the event this year, but you don’t have to miss out on supporting the EGA cause, or on the fantastic raffle prizes. To help encourage online ticket sales, there will be a bonus prize drawn that is only for raffle online ticket holders.


If you're able to donate to the EGA Raffle, please let us know by completing this form. If you have a donation but aren’t sure if it’s appropriate, or if you have any other raffle-related questions please get in touch via email at raffle@entheogenesis.org


Thanks again for all your support

EGA Team

Planting seeds for the earth, body and mind


Raffle Prizes:



Flight around the Yarra Valley with psychedelic researcher Martin Williams



Shaman Australis Botanicals:



"Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World" by Paul Stamets, signed by Paul Stamets
"Global Tribe" by Graham St John, signed by Graham St John
"The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker’s Guide" by Dominie Rivard
"Culinary Herbs & Spices of the World" by Ben-Erik van Wyk
~3 tablespoons of Acacia acuminata seeds
1 x Chinese tea ceremony set
Bonus herbs and essential oils
3 x Dragibus journals
1 x vape pen for resins or juice






1 x garden beings izwoz t’shirt male size L
1 x garden beings izwoz t’shirt female size M
5 x izwoz Garden Beings hemp/organic cotton patches
3 x ‘Inhale ~ Exhale’ postcard packs (each pack inc 6 cards)





9 x Entheogenic Flower Essences
4 x Herbal Elixers
2 x Essential Oils
1 x Aromatic Resin
2 x Luscious Body Oils
2 x Medicinal Creams
3 x Herbal Medicine Teas
1 x Jar of Dried Herb
3 x Mexican Dream Herb Seed Packs
6 x Dodonea Viscosa Seed Packs
3 x Acacia Obtusifolia Seed Packs
12 x Acacia Acuminata Seed Packs
3 x Rivea Corymbosa Seed Packs
12 x Morning Glory Seed Packs



"Encyclopaedia botanica: The essential reference guide to native and exotic plants in Australia" by Frances Bodkin, signed by Frances Bodkin (images below)




1 x 4 hour mushroom cultivation workshop for up to 4 people with Caine Barlow


2 x Entheogenesis Australis Garden States 2022 conference tickets, complete set of EGA Journals, EGA merch pack


4 Mammillaria sp. in handmade pots (images below)




Trichocereus clone TBMC (image below)



Trichocereus clone Neptune


Trichocereus clone Brahmin

100 x Trichocereus seedlings in 68mm pots

Acacia courtii seeds from cultivated plant (image below)



1 x large potted Acacia courtii plant (image below)



"Supernatural: Meetings with the ancient teachers of mankind" by Graham Hancock, signed by Graham Hancock (image below)

Six pack of mixed Goodwill Wine (image below)

"Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer: A psychedelic travelogue memoir" by Jimi Fritz (image below)



"Sex, Drugs and the Electoral Roll" by Fiona Patten, signed by Fiona Patten


Nikolas Healy visionary art 50 x 70cm (image below)



$150 Nimbin Herbs online gift voucher

Australian Psychedelic Society Journey Blanket


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The 2021 Garden States symposium is postponed till December 2022 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and will now take place in the first weekend of December 2021. You can find the latest information and tickets for the upcoming symposium here.

The next EGA major outdoor symposium is tentatively set for December 2024, dependent on developments around the COVID-19 pandemic.